Defiant Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Won't Comply With Quarantine

Nurse Kaci Hickox said she will not comply with an Ebola quarantine after helping patients in West Africa. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The defiant nurse at the center of the Ebola battle is speaking out and vowing she will not submit to the home quarantine.

She told Good Morning America, “I remain really concerned by these mandatory quarantine policies and if these restrictions are not removed from me by tomorrow morning, Thursday morning, I will go to court to obtain my freedom.”

She denied that she had a fever when she landed at Newark Airport last week from Sierra Leone.

On GMA she said, "I believe that the forehead scanner used to take that temperature was completely inaccurate. I didn't take any anti-fever medicines while at the airport. When I arrived at the isolation facility, they took my temperature by an oral thermometer and it was completely normal."

Hickox also revealed she is back in Fort Kent, Maine, with her boyfriend, nursing student Ted Wilbur.

INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian spoke to her lawyer, Alan Sash.

Fabian asked, “Where is she currently in Fort Kent?”

Sash replied, "I believe she is at her home. I believe the state has a police officer outside her home."

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State troopers have reportedly been told to arrest Hickox if she steps outside the house. Hickox’s boyfriend took a photo of her catching up on her sleep on a sofa. But the backlash in their home state is mushrooming.

One contributor to the page "Mainers Against Kaci Hickox Returning Home to Fort Kent" said, "What a whiny, selfish decision to not stay quarantined."

Another wrote, "Her comfort does not trump innocent people's safety."

George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America asked Hickox, "Do you understand the concern people have? And what do you say to those who might be concerned about those coming back, those health care workers coming back from Africa, could spread Ebola?"

She replied, "You know, I don't understand. I think we really have to stick to facts of the science. I haven't seen any science that says 'This is a huge risk.' I have seen science that says self monitoring works."

Maine Health Commissioner Mary Mayhew vowed to fight Hickox to keep her in quarantine, saying at a press conference, "We will pursue the necessary legal authority to enforce the quarantine."

Hickox has tested negative for the Ebola virus, but there are fears that she may have been tested too early and that she still could come down with the virus.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian asked Sash, "Is it not still possible she could develop symptoms and develop Ebola?"

Sash responded, "It is possible, but it is not likely, what she does is get monitored and checked twice a day."