Sexiest Halloween Costumes Ever

The sexiest costumes this Halloween range from superheroes to…French fries? INSIDE EDITION takes a look. 

And here they are: The year's sexiest Halloween costumes.

INSIDE EDITION hopped on the “Ride New York" tourist bus to give everyone in the Big Apple a preview of what's hot this Halloween.

Watch the Segment!

The bus is very special, it's covered in glass and offers an amazing view both inside and out.

Lots of people took out their cameras to get shots of the Halloween models.

Superheroes never go out of fashion, but how to chose between Wonder Woman and Super Woman?

Can you guess what the model's supposed to be? Yup, she's McDonalds French Fries!

Some of the most popular costumes are inspired by the movies. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a hit this year.

Fashion expert Katlean De Monchy told INSIDE EDITION, "Every year a TV show also has a big impact and this year, you guessed it, it's all about Orange Is the New Black. We saw lace all over the fashion runways, sometimes those looks also make it into Halloween. Classic costumes are still the rage. Here's an interpretation of The Wizard of Oz that I found at Dorothy never looked this sexy."

If you haven't picked out your costume, any of these looks are sure to get you lots of attention this Halloween.