Is that Paul Rudd Thwarting A Homophobic Attack?

A man looking an awful lot like actor Paul Rudd stepped in to break up a homophobic attack at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the lookalike hero.  

Is that actor Paul Rudd helping to break up an airport brawl? The hero sure looks a lot like the star of the Anchorman movies and This Is 40.

The cell phone video captured an apparently intoxicated passenger lashing out at a total stranger at Dallas/Fort Worth airport in a homophobic rant, all because he was wearing a pink shirt.

The man who instigated the fight allegedly said, "------ is what I'm upset about. This ------ right here!"

The bigot then kicked and punched his victim. That's when five Good Samaritans jumped in to restrain him and one looked a whole lot like Paul Rudd.

The video went viral, and #PaulRuddSavesLives trended on Twitter.

The night before the smack down, Rudd had been seen in a viral video after his home team, the Kansas City Royals, won the American League Championship series, leading some to conclude he could have been in the airport to catch a connecting flight.

But we can now set the record straight, Paul Rudd was not at the airport. The Good Samaritan was simply a look-a-like.

Meet 28-year-old Ben Kravit from Dallas, a brand manager at Dr. Pepper Snapple who bears an uncanny resemblance to the actor.


INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian caught up with Kravit.

Fabian asked, "So, how often do you hear people say around you 'Hey, is that Paul Rudd?'"

Kravit replied, "Occasionally, sometimes you get it when you go out and things like that, but nothing really extreme, just kind of here and there. But then, when it was on video, it was really crazy."

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Ironically, the real Paul Rudd actually plays a superhero in the upcoming movie Ant-Man. Rudd's said to be very pleased to have a heroic look-a-like.