New Video Of Rocket Explosion

INSIDE EDITION has obtained new video of the unmanned rocket that exploded on take-off in Virginia.

New video of the rocket heading to the International Space Station exploding has emerged. The fireball lit up the sky over Eastern Virginia and was visible for miles.  

For the spectators watching from a beach two miles away, excitement quickly turned to fear as the explosion literally shook a cameraman. One kid thought he was hearing fireworks, but his dad knew it something else.

He said, “That was a malfunction.”  

Passengers on an airplane saw the incident from 3,000 feet in the air.  

Many local stations tuned in to air the rocket launch live thinking it would be a routine news story. How surprised they were.
NBC New York anchor Chuck Scarborough said, “Wait a minute, stay with us. It is a total failure."

An anchor at WBAL in Baltimore said, “That looks like an explosion of that rocket."

At the press box, the explosion sent reporters and photographers running for cover.  

Matthew Travis was covering the launch for He shot some of the incredible video and told INSIDE EDITION, "It was a blast of, not really hot, but really warm air. The concussion was like getting a wallop in your chest."

Now we are learning that the rocket, which was carrying 5,000 pounds of cargo, was running on a 40-year-old engine made by the Soviets. Some would say, "No wonder it blew up."

Another rocket was was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Wednesday. That rocket took off without an issue.