Does Beyonce Have a Secret Sister? Her Dad Faces Accuser in Paternity Case

INSIDE EDITION has details from the courtroom showdown between Beyonce's father and a woman who says he fathered a child with her.

It's Beyoncé's father in a courtroom showdown with a woman who claims Beyoncé has a secret sister.

Taqoya Branscomb says that 63-year-old Mathew Knowles is the father of her love child, the little sister Beyoncé has never met.

Mathew Knowles ignored questions about the child as he left the hearing in Houston on Wednesday.

Taqoya, a 30-year-old lingerie model, says she had a relationship with Beyoncé's dad and gave birth to his daughter in 2010. And she's not the only woman who says Beyoncé has a secret sibling she's never met.

This woman, Alexsandra Wright,  is the mother of Beyoncé's little half-brother, Nixon Knowles.

Nixon and his mom lived in a lovely house in Los Angeles, but had to move because Beyoncé's dad could not keep up court-ordered child support payments of $12,000 a month. They were cut to $2,500.

Alexsandrar told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm in the middle of a fight for my son's rights."

Nixon and his mom moved to a trailer while she desperately looked for work.

Mathew Knowles' infidelity has torn Beyoncé's family apart. Her mom filed for divorce and Beyoncé fired her dad as her manager in 2011.

Alexsandra said of Beyoncé, "Let me say for the record -- it's not her fault. I've never blamed her. I want the best for her. Everyone is in pain."

Outside the courtroom Wednesday, a reporter asked Mathew Knowles, "Why don't you want to pay child support?"

"I never said that," replied Mathew.

Mathew Knowles has said he can't afford to pay for one love child. Now, he may have to support another, without the help of his fabulously wealthy daughter Beyoncé.