There Goes the Bride in Wedding Aisle Fumble

A bride was swept off her feet, literally, when the groom took a tumble they’ll never forget. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's a wedding wipeout! A groom carrying his bride to their wedding reception gets tripped up and they both go crashing down.

They made an instantaneous recovery, bouncing right back up. The bride didn't even drop her bouquet!

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke to the groom, 27-year-old Chad Kannard.

Trent asked, "What happened?"

Kannard replied, "I asked Julia if she wanted to go crazy, is what I told her. We had been drinking a little bit, and she said yes. So, I pick her up, and I only made it six or seven steps before I lost my balance and we went face first."

The high school sweethearts shook off their fall and danced the night away at their reception in Arizona.

Julia said Chad's attempt to sweep her off her feet on their wedding day may have gone splat, but he succeeds in other ways every day.