Police: Stepmother Begins Affair Days After Kyron Horman's Disappearance

In a shocking new twist, authorities are revealing that the stepmother of missing boy Kyron Horman began an affair just days after he disappeared. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Kyron Horman's stepmother, Terri Horman, started carrying on an affair with one of her husband's buddies within days of the boy's disappearance, investigators say.

Police identified her lover as 37-year-old Michael Cook, a friend of her husband's from high school. Incredibly, Cook assisted in the search for Kyron; he organized a candlelight vigil.

He told a reporter, "I don't know that the community can or should really rest until we know what happened to this little boy."

In court documents, investigators say Horman and Cook exchanged "sexting" messages.

They found "hundreds of text messages as well as several photographs of [Terri Horman] in various stages of undress and graphic sexual activity" on Cook's cell phone.

"She engaged in an affair with another man after the kid disappears, are you kidding me?" former homicide detective C.W. Jensen said.

Cook admits to having had inappropriate communication with Horman, but denies having sex with her. He says he will not make any more comments until he hires an attorney.

And there's been another disturbing twist. Just two weeks ago, Horman allegedly tried to kidnap her young daughter Kiara while her husband was working out at a local gym in Portland. Court papers filed by her husband claim Horman "came to that location looking to 'abduct' her daughter, Kiara, from the gym daycare center."

Horman has agreed to give up all child visitation rights.  

"A lot of people see Terri Horman as having ice running through her veins, she doesn't demonstrate the proper emotional responses and I believe she is exhibiting signs of psychopathy," says criminal profiler Pat Brown.

Crime experts speculate one reason so many documents are being released is to pressure Terri Horman to reveal what she may be hiding.

On another note, Kyron's parents think Horman may be suffering from postpartum depression. They say she changed dramatically after the birth of her baby 20 months ago.