'Technology And Stuff' Chevy Guy Gets Jitters At World Series

Superstar pitcher Madison Bumgarner dismantled the Kansas City Royals to lead his San Fransisco Giants to another World Series victory, yet it wasn't the player who got all the attention after the game, it was a rep from Chevy. INSIDE EDITION explains.

What an exciting finish to the World Series! And the fun was just getting started for the San Francisco Giants.

One poor guy was a bundle of nerves “umming" and “aw-ing” all the way on live TV as he presented the Most Valuable Player prize to Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner.

It was announced by Erin Andrews in the post-game press conference, "Now to present the MVP award by Chevrolet, we have the regional zone manager, Rikk Wilde!"

Wilde was so nervous, he even checked a little card for his next line. Erin Andrews seemed stunned and baseball commissioner Bud Selig looked around in wonder as Wilde bravely plowed ahead, breathing hard.

He said, "At Chevrolet we have, um, also been proud of the latest and greatest technology."

It didn’t take long for social media to explode with comments about Wilde’s bumbling speech!

One comment summed it up, “A Chris Farley skit come to life."

Wilde described the truck the pitcher has just won, saying, "Um, it combines technology and stuff with WiFi."

“Technology and stuff?!”

If you think the Chevy folks are upset by that choice of words, guess again! The company proudly tweeted: "The 2015 #ChevyColorado has awesome #technologyandstuff!"

So, with all this attention, Wilde's awkward speech actually turned out to be a home run!