'I Want To Live' Brain Tumor Patient Postpones Her Own Suicide

A young newlywed suffering from a brain tumor made headlines for planning her own suicide. Now, she says she’s not ready to die yet. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

She made the cover of People magazine when she announced she was going to end her own life on November 1st. Now, Brittany Maynard has decided to postpone her date with death.

She said, “I still have enough joy. I still laugh with my family and friends. It doesn’t seem like the right time.”

The 29-year-old newlywed was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in January. She was given just months to live and decided she was going out on her own terms, planning to end it all this Saturday, the day after her husband Dan’s birthday.

“I will die upstairs in the bedroom that I share with my husband with music I like in the background,” she once said.

She and Dan moved from California to Oregon, one of just five states that permit doctors to assist a terminally ill person end his or her life.

Brittany has been busy fulfilling her bucket list. She visited Yellowstone with her best friend and toured Alaska with her mom. Then last week, she visited the Grand Canyon. It was supposed to be her final journey.

But now, Brittany has decided that life, however many days she has left, is still worth living.

“I don't want to die. If anyone wants to hand me a magical cure and save my life so that I can have children with my husband, I will take them up on it," she said.