'Sit Down and Shut Up!' Chris Christie Explodes At Heckler

Chris Christie blew up at a heckler telling the man to "sit down and shut up!" INSIDE EDITION tracked down the man who thinks Christie's style is wearing thin.

Reaction is pouring in over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and this eruption of temper.

He exploded at a heckler during a tour of towns still recovering from Hurricane Sandy two years ago, who believes that Christie hasn't done enough for the people of New Jersey who are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

"Sit down and shut up!" shouted Christie. "Someone like you who doesn't know a damn thing what he is talking about except to stand up and show off when the cameras are here. I've been here when the cameras weren't here buddy and done the work!"

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INSIDE EDITION tracked down the target of his tirade, bar owner Jim Keady. Keady said, "This bullying routine that Christie has become infamous for is really wearing thin."

INSIDE EDITION asked Dr. Phil whether Christie's history of throwing fits could hurt his presidential chances.

Dr. Phil said, "He's leaving himself open, to what I think, is unwarranted criticism. I think Christie is smart. I think he's a good leader. I think the people love him. I think that he has great leadership qualities. But, I think he leaves himself vulnerable by doing something that people can peck at."

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