Anchors Gone Wild - Wildest Halloween TV Ever

Halloween kicked off early this morning with TV’s biggest names going all out with their costumes. INSIDE EDITION has the rundown.

It was a zombie apocalypse on the set of Live! with Kelly and Michael

The Halloween extravaganza featured more than 50 costume changes and some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. 

The co-hosts recreated Taylor Swift's music video for her hit song, "Shake It Off."

They also acted as the stars of Orange Is the New Black and Kim and Kanye at their wedding.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked the co-hosts, "This seriously was the best show ever. You guys did an amazing job. What was your favorite part?"

Kelly said, "Everything that I saw became my favorite part in that moment because we worked really hard on it and every year we try to outdo what we did before."

Michael said, "We just try to go with it, have fun with it, put on a costume, dress it up, and try to do the best we can with it. We're just happy that everybody enjoyed it."

Over at the Today show, it was a Saturday Night Live inspired Halloween.

Matt Lauer was dressed as Pat, the androgynous SNL character from It's Pat.

He said, "I love Halloween! I get to dress up."

Lauer even got a visit from Julia Sweeney, the actress who played Pat back in the 90s.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "To bring her back, she was such a good sport and it really helped me try and figure out what it was supposed to look and sound like."

Al Roker and Lester Holt were the Blues Brothers.

Roker said, "We had a lot of fun, we really did. Especially since we had very little rehearsal."

Kathie Lee and Hoda dressed as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World.

Acting in character they said, "We're not worthy!"

Natalie Morales was spot-on as Catholic school girl, Mary Katherine Gallagher.

Morales said, "I grew up watching Molly Shannon nail this role and when they asked me, 'Who do you want to be?' I said, 'Absolutely Mary Katherine Gallagher.'" 

And across town, we were on the set of Good Morning America.

On GMA Lara Spencer said, "Happy Halloween everybody from Good Morning America!"

Spencer told INSIDE EDITION how she shrunk down to play Prince George.  

Describing her costume, she said, "It's a shopping cart that we have modified into a little seat. I'm tucked in here."

Meteorologist Ginger Zee showed off her moves as singer Ariana Grande.

Zee said, "My hardest thing, though, is I smile a lot. So I was in character and she's more of a smirker, that Ariana. So that was tough."

And Amy Robach said, "I am Maleficent. No one stands in my way."

Dressed as the evil Disney character, Robach said, "The hardest thing was not smiling and acting regal and slightly evil, but it's so fun."

And speaking of regal, Rachael Ray was dressed as Queen Cleopatra.

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