A Mom and Dad's Family Secret

At first sight the Bowser's look like any other couple, but this modern family has a love and bond only very few could understand. INSIDE EDITION has their story.

Meet the Bowser's. Nick and Bianca and their two kids are a typical American family. But these parents are keeping something from their children, a secret they won't reveal until they are old enough to understand.

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Nick and Bianca are both transgender.

Nick told INSIDE EDITION, “I was born a girl.”

Bianca said “I was born a boy.”

Bianca was born a sweet little boy named Justin.

She said, “I always felt like a girl growing up.”

Feminine urges that Justin struggled with until his twenties when he transitioned to a woman and changed his name to Bianca.

She said, “I was blessed enough to have softer feminine features.”  
Nick was born a cute little girl named Nicole. As she grew up, Nicole traded her dresses for boys' clothes and loved sports.

“I couldn't play football because I was a girl,” he said.  

Then, Nicole changed her name to Nick. He underwent surgery to remove his female breasts to look more manly. Bianca went the other direction, she had breast implants to look more feminine.

“It was love at first sight for me,” said Nick.

They were legally married in 2011 and just like any married couple, they soon were talking about starting a family.

“I stopped any thought of my medical transition and we went about trying to have our kids,” said Nick.

Both Nick and Bianca put off having sex changes in order to have their own biological children. Nick, the “man” of the family, was the one who got pregnant. Not once, but twice.

“I still dressed in men's clothing, both pregnancies. The hair stayed the same. Everything stayed the same. I didn't change who I was. The only thing that changed was I was pregnant,” he said.

Bianca said it was huge sacrifice for Nick to make, saying, “Knowing in his head that he's not a woman it was a struggle for him and it hurt me to see him go through the struggle.”

While Nick says he felt no maternal instinct, deep inside, Bianca was envious. She said, “When we were pregnant, I saw his stomach expanding and everything, and there were times I wish it was me.”

Nick delivered two healthy boys. Kai is now three, Pax is 14 months. They just bought their very first home in Louisville, Kentucky.

Nick said, “We want to show people that we're not that different.”

It’s easy to forget that he was once a girl and she was once a boy. Their young children see them as they are—as mom and dad.