Mel Gibson's Tape 4

Another tape of Mel Gibson's rant has been released, and this is the most shocking yet.  INSIDE EDITION talks to an expert about the mysterious cream Gibson reportedly uses and asks if that could be related to his outrageous behavior.

The most astonishing Mel Gibson rant yet.  As the newly-released tape number four reveals him berating Oksana Gregorieva for failing to provide him with a specific sex act.

Gibson: "You went to sleep and didn't ____ me!  I deserve to be ____ first, before the ____ jacuzzi! Okay, I'll burn the ____damn house down!  But ___ me first!  How dare you!  How _____ dare you!"

An almost primal growling sound follows.

Gibson: "You wanted the number of my therapist?  Don't you ever speak to him!  Find your own __damn therapist!"

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from the house where Oksana lives, where she's been keeping a low profile since those explosive conversations with Mel Gibson were made public.  During the next exchange, a baby could be heard crying in the background on the audio tape.

Gibson: "I'm really ____ angry and really sad and I really ___ just want to ___ hurt someone or myself, do you understand?   You've done this to me.  I was never like this.  You did it.  All right?   It's your fault.  If something happens, be it on your ____ head.  You know?"

Oksana:  "I didn't do..."

Gibson:  "Be it on your head!"

Oksana:  "I didn't do anything."

Gibson:  "You did so. You're a ____."

Oksana:  "I didn't do anything."

Earlier this week, Whoopi Goldberg went out on a limb to stick up for Gibson on The View, and she's sticking to her guns, saying to the camera, "People lost their minds and said, 'oh, you're defending him.'  I don't condone this. I don't think this is right.  I don't think this is smart.  Who are you? You can kiss my behind!"

Could mental illness be to blame for Mel's meltown?  INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret hosted Larry King Live on Tuesday and discussed the matter with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

"The quality, the intensity of this really suggests maybe a bipolar king of quality.  Hypomania.  Something that could easily be treated," said Dr. Pinksy.

In previous interviews, Gibson has admitted to being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

And consider this—writer Walter Kirn interviewed Gibson for a recent issue of Men's Journal magazine. This is what he says he witnessed.

"Gibson unzips a small black case containing a mysterious plastic tube. He squirts a smelly yellow ointment onto one of his stout forearms and vigorously rubs it into his skin.  The substance is called Selegiline.  He claims that it 'cleans the neurotransmitters' and sharpens mental focus."

Selegeline is presciption drug used to treat parkinson's disease and depression and senile dementia.  It also has an anti-aging element, but medical experts say the potential side effects from excessive doses can be devastating.

Dr. Enrico Fazzini, a Neurologist at NYU Medical Center said, "You can have increased libido, increased motivation, obsessions, compulsions, paranoia, delusions."

No one can say if this is the case with Mel Gibson.  All we have is the tale of the tape.