'I'm Not A Cold Blooded Killer' Mom Says She Killed Son Out Of 'Compassion'

Gigi Jordan is the wealthy mother who doesn’t deny she killed her son. But was it an act of murder or compassion? The mom is now talking from behind bars to Dr. Phil. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Gigi Jordan is the multimillionaire on trial for an unspeakable crime—killing her son.  

She told Dr. Phil, "I don't think that I am a cold-blooded murderer."

Gigi admits she killed her eight-year-old son, Jude, while staying in a $3,000-a-night suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Manhattan. Surveillance video captured Gigi and her son in the lobby of the luxury hotel. Later that day, she forced a lethal dose of painkillers and vodka down his throat with a syringe.

Nancy Grace said on HLN, "The fact that he had bruises on his nose, mouth, and chest, prosecutors say that she force fed her little eight-year-old mute boy."

As Gigi Jordan awaits a verdict, she is now she is giving her first interview to Dr. Phil from behind bars.

Dr. Phil said, “There is speculation that he fought you and that he did not want to take the pills. That you jammed them down his throat. That he had bruises on his nose and his mouth and his chin, because you had to force his mouth open and hold his nose to make him swallow.” She shook her head no to all of the accusations.

Gigi told Dr. Phil that she loved her little boy, who was born with severe autism. But she killed him to, in a sense, save him. Save him from who? From her ex-husband, who she claims sexually abused young Jude. The father absolutely denies the allegation.

Dr. Phil told INSIDE EDITION, "You don't have the right to end a child's life. You don't have the right to end a special needs child's life. I don't care how difficult it is."

Dr. Phil showed Gigi home video footage of her with her son. He said, “Look at this video for me."

Gigi had a sarcastic response to the home video, saying, "I really wanted him to die, Dr. Phil, you can see that from our interaction, right? You can see that this is someone that I didn't love and care for more than anything. It is very obvious. I wanted him dead."

Gigi Jordan, who made her fortune in pharmaceuticals, is now on trial in Manhattan. Her lawyer, Allan Brenner, says there's proof she planned to commit suicide after killing Jude.

He said, “She was closing out her affairs. That is what she was doing. It’s part of larger mindset where she was going to take her life and his.”

She tried to kill herself with the same lethal cocktail but didn't die.

Dr. Phil told INSIDE EDITION, "I ask her, 'You are a nurse. You knew what it took to kill him but you fell short of killing yourself.' She said, 'Well, they broke in and found me.'"

Dr. Phil asked Gigi, “If you had this to do over, would you end his life again?”

She said, “I would have done a better job of making sure I ended my own.”

Gigi Jordan, who says she regrets what she did 100 times-a-day, could get up to 25 years in prison if convicted of manslaughter and 25 years to life if she's found guilty of murder.