No Potty Mouth For This Princess

INSIDE EDITION speaks with one young girl who refused to use foul language in the viral women’s issues campaign being called Potty Mouthed Princesses.

It's the shocking video of potty-mouthed princesses that's creating a national firestorm.

In the video, little girls dressed as princesses said, "What the (blank)! I'm not some pretty, (blank), helpless princess in distress. I'm pretty (blank) powerful and ready for success."

Now, one little princess is speaking out. She says that she's very upset at how the video turned out.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm still shocked a little, and sometimes I cry because I'm just so overwhelmed with the critics."

With her mom at her side, 11-year-old Kendall Harris told INSIDE EDITION that she refused to utter any profanities when the video was shot.

She said, "I was like, 'I'm not willing to compromise my morals, values, or my principals.'"

Kendall is the oldest princess who appears in the video. One is just six years old, and Kendall is the only one who wouldn't curse. 

She said, "Oh my goodness, no I can't."

A feminist group made the video for pure shock value to draw attention to important issues like equal pay for women.

In the video, princesses said, "Women are paid 23% less than men for the exact same (blank) work."

But Kendall's mom, Shontal, said that while she supports the video's message, she had no idea it would be so vulgar.

Shontal said she's also proud of her daughter for saying no. She told INSIDE EDITION, "I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn't have been more proud of Kendall."

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the video's director, Luke Montgomery.

Montgomery said, "When we were on set, she said, 'I'm actually uncomfortable using the 'F' word,' and I said, 'That is no problem. There's plenty of other girls that will do that.'"

We showed the video to Kendall, who held her mom's hand and became emotional watching it.

Kendall said, "I love the message but it's really hard to be in a video that has profanity like that."