Exclusive: Is She Beyonce's Sister? Paternity Results Are In

Does Beyoncé have a secret half-sister? INSIDE EDITION has the paternity results and finds out if Mathew Knowles is the father of a four-year-old girl.

Is a beautiful four-year-old Beyoncé's secret sister? Last time on INSIDE EDITION, you met Koi, the cute little girl from Houston who loves to perform in our exclusive interview.

Her mother, TaQoya Branscomb, says Beyoncé's dad is the girl’s father. A court ordered Mathew Knowles to submit to a paternity test.

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Outside court, Mathew was asked, “Do you concede she is your daughter?” He had no answer.

TaQoya told INSIDE EDITION’s Diane McInerney, “I demanded the DNA test. He would have preferred to continue on with his life and die without one, I’m sure. But I am going to protect my daughter.”

Now, we can show you what that paternity test reveals. Mathew Knowles is the alleged father and it is a 99.99% certainty in the match.

TaQoya said, “You can't deny it once DNA tests come out 99.99% that you are the father.”

On Wednesday, TaQoya took Mathew Knowles to court where he appeared to acknowledge the results of the paternity test and with it, his financial responsibilities.

Outside court, he was asked, “Are you hopeful?”

He answered, “Hopeful about what?”

He was then asked, “Do you feel it's your obligation?”

“Yes,” replied Knowles.

The judge issued a temporary order requiring Knowles to pay $1,500-a-month in child support.

So far, TaQoya says he has refused to meet the bright-eyed charming little girl who, according to the DNA test, is the half-sister of a superstar.

This is the second child for whom Mathew Knowles has been ordered to pay child support. He also has a young son in California, where last spring he had his payments reduced due to financial difficulties.