'Baywatch' Babe Now Drives An Ice Cream Truck

Baywatch beauty Nicole Eggert has started another career driving an ice cream truck. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the former TV sex symbol.

Recognize this woman?

It's Nicole Eggert, former Baywatch babe turned ice cream truck driver. That's right, Nicole has traded her iconic red bathing suit for a green ice cream truck, and only INSIDE EDITION is with her as she sells her sweet treats.

Nicole is a single mom and she hasn't had a lot of juicy roles since her days on Baywatch. She declared bankruptcy in order to save her home from foreclosure. Have things gotten so bad that she's been reduced to pushing popsicles?

Nicole told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "We're not starving. We're doing okay. I've been continuously working."

Nicole calls her new business Scoops, a catchy name. She tweets out the location where she will park the truck. The sweet spot the day we were with her was right in front of the studio where hundreds of fans were lined up to watch Dancing with the Stars.

Watch INSIDE EDITION Hang Out with Eggert In Her Scoops truck

One customer asked, "Hello, can we please get a single scoop of cookies and cream?"

Moret asked a customer, "What was your reaction when you saw Nicole Eggert?"

"Um, I don't know, it made me want to get ice cream," said the customer.

Nicole sells the usual ice cream flavors rocky road, vanilla, pistachio and strawberry. She also sells some old-fashioned favorites.

"Jawbreakers, Sugar Daddies, Fun Dip, Pop Rocks, a favorite," said Nicole.

Not enough cash? No problem. Nicole takes credit cards, swiping the plastic on her iPhone.

Moret asked, "How does this compare with acting?"

"Well, it's nothing like acting. The fun part is interacting with the people," replied Nicole.

It may not be the most glamorous job for a former TV sexy symbol, but hey, it pays the rent.