Humanitarian Group Says Wear That Ebola Costume, But Donate For a Real One

Doctors of the World turns the controversial Ebola Halloween costume into something productive, saying it's okay to wear it, but donate to help provide a real hazmat suit in West Africa. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Wearing an Ebola suit this Halloween? Why not donate a real one as well?

The year’s most controversial Halloween costume is about to become the year’s most meaningful Ebola donation device.

Instead of judging people for wearing the controversial Ebola suit costume on Halloween this year, a leading humanitarian organization fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia has decided to turn the issue into something positive.

They want America to know that it’s okay to wear the Ebola costume on Halloween. But if you do, please visit and donate a real suit to help them fight Ebola in West Africa and save lives.

The site allows you to contribute anything from a glove to a whole suit and even a whole doctor.

After all, no matter where you stand on the Ebola Halloween costume issue, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on: we all need to help.

Visit to donate. And if you’re out on Halloween and see someone wearing an Ebola suit, tell them to visit the site and donate too. Or take a selfie with them and contribute together.

Tell everyone. Because here in America, it’s a costume, but in West Africa, it saves lives.

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