NASCAR's Bloody Brawl - Who Threw The First Punch?

Talk about road rage! An argument between two NASCAR drivers quickly escalated into an all-out brawl. INSIDE EDITION has details.

Who threw the first punch? That's what NASCAR executives are investigating after that crazy Wild West brawl at a raceway in Texas.

Officials are reviewing the footage of the clash involving NASCAR golden boy Jeff Gordon and his fiery young rival Brad Keselowski.

Motor Racing Network announcer Michael Bagley told INSIDE EDITION, "There was some blood being shed between Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon."

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The fight happened after Keselowski came in contact with Gordon’s car. Gordon says the accident caused him to spin out. After the race, the two drivers got in each others faces. The tension was explosive.

Bagley said, "Things got heated, heated, heated. Everybody started to close in and all of a sudden, it just takes one wrong move and you are already at the boiling point."

At first, they were kept apart. Suddenly, Keselowski was shoved from behind and Gordon grabbed Keselowski by the jacket and pandemonium erupted.

Gordon and Keselowski were swallowed up by the crowd and practically everyone in sight gets involved. Even ESPN pit reporter Jamie Little was caught up in it.

After the battle, Keselowski was literally spitting blood and Gordon had a cut lip.

Gordon said after the fight, "He's a dip[expletive]. The way he races, I don't know how he has ever won a championship."

Keselowski is unrepentant, saying after the race, "The way I raced today is what I would say is great racing."

Bagley told INSIDE EDITION, "Brad Keselowski fans and the fans of aggressive driving love Brad Keselowski because he is not afraid to fire the car in there and make that move. However, on the other side, the other part says he is reckless. He should be disciplined by NASCAR."

Later, Keselowski defended his driving, tweeting: "You either take the gap or regret it forever."

This is the second brawl involving Keselowski in just a month. Three weeks ago, he and another driver got into it at a raceway in North Carolina. Keselowski was fined $50,000.

A NASCAR executive says the organization has no problem with Keselowski’s maneuver on the track saying: "I think it was hard racing, and this is a contact sport."

But the brawl itself?

"You shouldn't punch somebody," the executive says. "We've got a lot of film to review. We're going to take our time."