Hoop Dream Comes True for Teen Girl With Inoperable Brain Cancer

With not much time to live because she has inoperable brain cancer, 19-year-old Lauren Hill’s dream came true, playing in a college basketball game. INSIDE EDITION has the story.   

It was all about one girl, one dream, and one game.

That girl is 19-year-old Lauren Hill, and that dream was to play in her first college basketball game before brain cancer claimed her young life

So many people wanted to see Hill play, the game was moved from her small college, Mount St. Joseph, to a larger basketball arena in Cincinnati where nearly 10,000 people could cheer her on.

And the crowd went wild as number 22 scored the first basket. That wasn't all, Hill also sunk the last basket of the game as well.

Hill said, “It's a dream come true. The first basket was awesome and I was happy that I made it on the first try. My second shot was just as sweet.”

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The game was actually moved up a couple of weeks so Hill would still be healthy enough to play.

“It was so thrilling to be able to get there, put my foot down, just feel the roar of the crowd and the vibration of the floor boards,” said Hill.

Legendary women's college basketball coach Pat Summitt, who is suffering from with Alzheimer’s disease, presented Hill with an award for personal courage.

It was a day Hill will never forget.

"I'm just really happy, this is a really good day," concluded Hill.