What To Do If It Happened To You - Chilling Video Of Woman's Abduction

Frightening surveillance footage of a young woman being abducted in Philadelphia has everyone asking, ‘Could this happen to me?’ INSIDE EDITION has tips on how to stay safe.

Could it happen to you? A chilling video is striking fear across America as a young woman was grabbed off the streets and fought for her life.

Every moment of the horrifying kidnapping and the young nurse's courageous struggle was caught on tape.

INSIDE EDITION showed the video to self defense expert Gabrielle Rubin.

Rubin said, "The good thing is that she did try to fight, she was struggling. Either he was domineering and just too strong for her, although she did some good things, I believe there is more that we can do." 

Watch Rubin Show INSIDE EDITION Ways to Protect Yourself

There are lessons here for everyone.

But first, more clues are emerging in the Philadelphia abduction. The video showed the kidnapper parking his car, a gray 2002 Ford Taurus. He got out, crossed the street, and walked to the corner.

Then, 22-year-old nurse Carlesha Freeland-Gaither crossed the street. The kidnapper followed her and then he pounced from behind. She screamed and resisted. She was dragged down the street. She tried to kick the kidnapper, but he overpowered her and bundled her into his car.

Lost in the struggle was Carlesha's cell phone. It was on the sidewalk. Brave Carlesha even kicked out the car's rear windows leaving glass in the street.

INSIDE EDITION’s cameras were there as family members were told the news that Carlesha's ATM card had been used at a bank in Aberdeen, Maryland, which is 72 miles away.

Her grandmother told INSIDE EDITION, "I just got a call from the detective. He said her debit card was used in Maryland."

Could Carlesha have known her attacker? Her grandmother believes she may have. She said in a press conference, "There was some gray people in her past, one in particular. He wanted to take Carlesha out on his own and I disapproved of that."

At an emotionally charged press conference where family members consoled each other, police say they just don't know, saying, "We are looking at every lead. At this point we are not positive either way."

Rubin studied the video and showed INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander what to do.

Rubin said, "So, Megan, if I am walking down the street and something should happen and a guy comes up behind me and grabs me, instead of focusing where the pain is, I want to focus on my hands being free. I got his hair. I can elbow. I can bite. If we are struggling while we are walking, I can even drop to my knees and get him on the ground."

Now, time may be running out for this brave young woman.