Mom Throws Autistic Son Off Bridge

A mother stands accused of throwing her six-year-old son autistic son off of a bridge. Relatives say the mom had a mental collapse. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A sweet six-year-old kid named London McCabe had a big smile.

In a home video, he clutched his stuffed lion and made a wish, as his mom recorded the scene on her cell phone.

But now, his mother stands accused of an unspeakable crime—throwing him off a bridge.

London was diagnosed with autism three years ago.

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In a video posted online, his mom, Jillian McCabe, thanked people for their good will as she sat with her husband. But in an ominous note, she also spoke of the difficulties of coping with an autistic son, saying, “You are making this experience livable versus us pulling a Thelma and Louise, which I have totally thought about."

It was a reference to the 1991 movie in which two women drive to their deaths over a cliff.

Authorities say Jillian McCabe drove her son to a bridge at a beauty spot outside Portland, Oregon. Authorities say she parked at one end, carried little London in her arms to the middle of the span and threw him into the waters 130 feet below. She then allegedly called 911 and told the dispatcher, "I just threw my son over the bridge."

The police dispatcher said, "She advised that she's hearing voices and the voices told her to throw her son off the bridge. Six-year-old male in the water."
INSIDE EDITION spoke to the man who discovered London’s body, hours later. He said, "He just floated into my vision. I had my flashlight out and he just floated right in."

Jillian McCabe appeared in court via video link, wearing clothing designed to prevent her from harming herself.

Her relatives say she was a devoted mom who suffered a mental collapse because of the pressure she was under as she raised an autistic child. Her husband was also recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

The horror on the bridge comes as another mother accused of killing her autistic son learns her fate.

Millionaire Gigi Jordan was charged with giving her eight-year-old son, Jude, an overdose of pills in their room at a posh New York hotel. On Wednesday, inside a Manhattan courthouse a jury found her guilty of manslaughter but cleared her of a murder rap. She faces five to 25 years in prison.

Jordan's lawyer, Allan Brenner told INSIDE EDITION, "What the jury said is, in their verdict, was 'We understand what brought you to that place.'"

Two moms. Two  autistic sons. Tragedies on opposite sides of the country.