Cop From 'Django Unchained' Actress Video Breaks His Silence

One of the police officers who arrested a Django Unchained actress for lewd conduct tells INSIDE EDITION he’s facing serious fallout for simply doing his job.

It's the video that caused an uproar, an actress who appeared in the movie Django Unchained in tears and in handcuffs.

The actress, Daniele Watts said in the video, "Do you know how many times the cops have been called just for being black?"

Now one of the cops involved in that bitter confrontation with Watts is speaking out for the first time.

The cop told INSIDE EDITION, “It all has to do with authority and her lack of respect for any of it.”

The incident happened in September when cops got a 911 call complaining that Watts and her boyfriend were having sex in a car.

LAPD Sgt. Jim Parker's voice could be heard off camera as Watts refused to identify herself. 

Sgt. Parker in the video said, “I have every right to ask for your I.D.”

Watts replied, screaming, “And I have every right to say no. It's my right to sit on the (blank) street corner and make out with my boyfriend. That's my right!”

Sgt. Parker said to Watts, “Keep yelling. It really helps, it really helps.”

Watts then said, “What is a problem for me is that you think you're better than me and you think you have more power than me.”

INSIDE EDITION's asked Sgt. Parker, "What would have happened had she just given you her I.D.?"

Sgt. Parker told INSIDE EDITION, "Had she just cooperated from the get-go this would be a non-issue and she would be able to get on with her life."

Sgt. Parker, a 25-year veteran, says his career is now in jeopardy over the incident. He expects to be fired for leaking the audiotape to the media.


He says he did it to refute Watt's allegations that she was racially profiled.

Sgt. Parker said, "I still say it was the best decision ever because it did quash a lot of speculation about what happened."

Watts and her boyfriend Brian Lucas have been charged with lewd conduct.

Earlier this week,Watts spoke to students about the incident at the University of Southern California School of Law, saying, “We were making out there was no nudity. We haven't done anything wrong.”

Sgt. Parker claims she has only herself to blame for what happened saying, "Until she actually can say 'I messed up,' she's never going to move on, just come out and say ‘I made a mistake.’ I think Hollywood and the public would be more behind her.”