Veterans Pose as Yesteryear's Pinups

INSIDE EDITION went behind-the-scenes of a calendar shoot featuring real-life vets channeling the pin-up girls of yesteryear.

It's a throwback to the 1940s.

Veterans posing in a calendar shoot cheered, "Hi, Inside Edition. We're the Pin-ups for Vets!"

These women struck some sultry poses for the 2015 edition of Pin-ups for Vets.

Check Out the Behind-the-Scenes!

The calendar features real-life veterans trading their uniforms for some very sexy, 40s style outfits.

Jennifer Campbell was a truck driver in the Army for four years. In the calendar shoot, she showed a lot of leg posing in front of a vintage car.

Campbell told INSIDE EDITION, "It's very cool. You don't see that kind of stuff anymore."

Shannon Stacy was a flight surgeon in the Navy.
Stacy said, "They're used to seeing me in scrubs and ready to get to work, so it's a different side of Dr. Stacy, that's for sure."

And check out Navy Seabee Jennifer Hope in a blast from the past as Miss October.
Hope said, "My colleagues are going to be very surprised by this. They have never seen me with makeup on, let alone a dress."

Retro never looked so hot.