Rejection Revenge: Hit-And-Run Shatters Young Woman's Bones

A former high school classmate wanted to be more than friends with Anna Bond. When she turned him down, he allegedly plowed into her and a friend with his truck and kept on going. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Shocking surveillance video of a pickup truck plowing into two women walking down the street has been released. The impact sent them flying into the air.

The horrifying incident left 22-year-old Anna Bond seriously injured. She now needs a walker to get around. Her spine is fractured in four places, two ribs are broken, and her left leg is shattered.

But what is truly shocking is the fact that this was no random hit and run. She knows the driver who plowed her down.

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked the man who ran them down, “Do you have anything to say to her? Did you try to kill her?”

He had no answer.

Twenty-year-old Jon-Luc LaPorte hid his face as he entered court in Vallejo, California.

Cops say he drove into Anna and her friend Patricia Thompson on purpose. Why? Turns out, he is a high school friend of Anna’s and just moments before, Anna had told him she was ending their friendship because he had been trying to spark a romance with her. But she told him she wasn't interested.

Anna and Patricia just left Starbucks where Anna told LaPorte she no longer wanted to be friends with him. They were in the parking lot where seconds later he allegedly plowed his pick-up truck into both of them and kept right on going.

Moret asked Anna, “Do you believe Jon-Luc wanted to kill you?”

“Yes, I do believe that. He was like, ‘If I can't have her no one else can,’” she replied.

LaPorte pled not guilty to two counts of attempted murder.
In the video cops chase his truck and arrest him two blocks away.

His lawyer Laina Chikhani insists LaPorte is not a danger to anyone.

Moret asked Chikhani, “Do you think either of those women should be concerned that he's out on bail?”

“Absolutely not,” she replied.

Anna returned to the very spot where she was plowed down to thank the eyewitness who called 911.

Moret asked, “How does it feel to be here right now?”

“It's a little overwhelming because this is where it happened,” she replied.