NASCAR: The Latest Pro Sport Facing Domestic Violence Allegations

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch is the latest professional sports member to be facing domestic violence allegations. INSIDE EDTION has details.

Is NASCAR facing its own domestic violence scandal just like the Ray Rice case that rocked the NFL?

Superstar Kurt Busch, driving car 41, finished seventh in a Sprint cup race in Arizona on Sunday as shocking allegations of domestic assault are being made by his ex-girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll.

She claims he smashed her head against a wall three times at a race in Delaware last September.

Driscoll said in court documents, "He said he wished he had a gun so that he could kill himself."

Driscoll spoke about Busch's temper in his 2012 documentary, The Outlaw, saying, "The kind of anger will eat you up."

Patricia Driscoll is 36 and president of a non-profit organization that assists veterans.

Busch's attorney, Rusty Hardin, said in a statement, "This allegation is a complete fabrication by a woman who has refused to accept the end of a relationship and Mr. Busch vehemently denies her allegations in every respect."

This is just the latest NASCAR controversy. Last week there was a wild brawl between superstar drivers Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski at a race in Texas.

Now comes the domestic assault accusations against Kurt Busch.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent spoke to former NASCAR champion Geoff Bodine.

Trent asked, “Like the NFL's image problem it's currently having, you don't believe NASCAR will experience the same thing?"

Bodine replied, “One alleged incident  in NASCAR out of all these years isn't a bad record. But we don't even need that one.”

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