What's In The Attic? Family Petrified Of Strange Noises Upstairs

What is in the attic of two New Jersey families that have them so afraid to go upstairs? INSIDE EDITION went into the cavernous place to find out.

There's something in the attic and it's got one family really worried!

Liz and Chris Jensen hear strange noises in the night like scratching, bumps and thumps and it's coming from the attic of their Vernon, New Jersey home.

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Liz said, "We can hear them scratching behind our bed."

Climbing the stairs into the attic is nerve-wracking.

Meanwhile, 60 miles south in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, Jack Kurlansik is also hearing strange noises coming from his attic.

Whenever he goes up there, he's convinced he sees something moving in the shadowy corners. He's afraid he'll be attacked!

He said, “I get a little skeeved out.”

Attics have always been dark and scary places like in the movie The Exorcist, and these real life attics are just as scary.

But is the thumping and scratching all in their heads or is there really something alive up there?

INSIDE EDITION called in exterminator Dave Fanale from Garden State Wildlife Control to investigate.

In Jack's attic, he found piles of tell-tale droppings, and then, clutching onto a rafter, he discovered a brown bat.

But Jack will have to live with his uninvited guest for a while longer. Bats are a protected species and under federal regulations, it can only be evicted when the weather warms up in the Spring.

Dave told Jack, "The one bat that is up there is going to keep to himself, so, if you are at peace with that."

Jack laughed and said, “I don't have a choice."

Over at Liz and Chris Jensen’s home, there were droppings everywhere, evidence of a major infestation. But what could it be?

INSIDE EDITION set up infra-red cameras to capture the mystery invaders.  Moments after we left, they came out of hiding. Their tiny eyes were glowing in the dark.

They look like rats but they're flying squirrels! The Jensen’s can't believe what's happening in their attic!

The Jensen’s reacted, saying, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! They're all over!”

Our exterminator installs excluders. One way doors that allow the squirrels to get out but they can't get back in. In a few days the squirrels will hopefully be gone and the attic will no longer be such a scary place.