‘Fuhrer’ Over New Nicki Minaj Video

The new video by Nicki Minaj has many people outraged over depictions of Nazis and Hitler. Does it glorify the Nazi regime? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Nicki Minaj was on top of the world Sunday night as she hosted the MTV European Music Awards.

The controversial rapper opened the show wearing nothing but a black shear body suit. She performed her hit “Anaconda.” But this time around, it wasn't her voluptuous backside that had people talking. It was the release of her new music video for her new song, “Only.”
In what some are calling the glorification of Nazism, the rapper portrays herself as a dictator. The black and white animation shows Minaj leading thousands of soldiers armed with tanks and guns wearing “YM” insignia.

The “YM” stands for her record company, Young Money, but it eerily resembles the notorious Nazi swastika.  

The video bears a striking resemblance to Nazi propaganda films from the 1930’s.
On Twitter even fans were quick to voice their disapproval.

"I really do love you but your video for "Only" is really not okay,” one person tweeted.

Another tweeted, "Who the hell thought a Nazi theme was a good idea."

Minaj has yet to respond.