Freak Plane Propeller Accident Misses Passenger's Head by Inches

A airplane propeller ripped into the fuselage upon landing, missing one passenger by mere inches. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the very lucky lady who survived.

It was a freak airplane accident that's almost impossible to believe. A propeller sheered off and ripped into the fuselage.

It happened when a plane made an emergency landing due to a burst tire. Sparks could be seen flying as the aircraft touched down.

That's when the propeller spun off and buzz-sawed right into the fuselage, where passenger Christina Kurylo was sitting in row seven.

Kurylo told INSIDE EDITION, "The interior all blew out and hit me in the face. I fell into the guy next to me. I thought the whole plane crashed."
Video inside the plane showed the chaotic scene as the 70 passengers scrambled for the exits.  

"I was pretty dazed and I remember the guy next to me and the flight attendants and the captain saying, 'Get off this plane right now!' " she explained.

Kurylo, who works for a radio station, was taken to the hospital in Edmonton, Canada, with a concussion.

INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian asked, "Looking at those picture now, do you consider yourself lucky?"

Kurylo exclaimed, "Very lucky! So lucky to walk out with what I did. And to look at those pictures, it's just like, wow!"

Props to Christina Kurylo for looking on the bright side.