Identical Face-Off: Olsen Twins Are Twins No More?

Following a recent red carpet event, many are asking, "What happened to Mary Kate Olsen's Face?" INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's the photo that has everyone asking, ‘What has Mary Kate Olsen done to her face?”

“Twins No More!,” reads the headline in the Daily Mail.

It's true! Mary Kate and Ashley no longer look like twins!

There was a time you couldn't tell them apart. They looked so much alike, they shared the role of an adorable kid sister on Full House and their movies were all about fooling people by pretending to be each other.

On red carpets, it was impossible to tell who was who. But now, it's easy!

Compare Mary Kate’s new look to a picture taken just last year. Currently, her cheekbones appear higher, her lips seem fuller.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Giese told INSIDE EDITION, "I don't think that she has had surgery but has had some filler in her face. Particularly into the lip area, in the cheeks, around the eye, and in the temple."

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Some are comparing Mary Kate to Renée Zelleweger whose dramatic transformation startled so many three weeks ago and made national news.

Now, Mary Kate is triggering concerned chatter among her fans.

INSIDE EDITION viewers weighed in on our Facebook page.

Courtney wrote: "What was she thinking? She looks like she has aged about 30 years."

Bella was sympathetic: "They're fraternal twins. They will change as they get older."

Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Neither of the Olsen's representatives responded to our requests for comment.