Don't Mess With This Baby Elephant

Hungry lionesses in Zambia found out they were messing with the wrong baby elephant when they moved in for the kill. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Don't count this baby out. A one-year-old elephant under attack by a pride of vicious lions refused to give in.

The baby elephant had strayed from its herd when it found itself surrounded by 14 hungry lionesses and their cubs. They climbed on the elephant's back, digging into its hide with their teeth and claws to force him down.

The attack was captured on video by tourists on safari in Zambia. The tourists can be heard rooting for the elephant.

Watch the Incredible Video

At one point, three lions climb on the elephant's back, but he never gave up, swinging his body around as he tried to shake off the predators.

Then, he made a smart move, charging into the water. Lions avoid water if they can.

Then, the elephant actually turned on the lions and they fled in fear.

The video ends as the back and forth continues, but the baby elephant is said to have survived and made his way back to his herd.

The tourists who shot the video gave him a new nickname: Hercules.