Overexposed! Kim Kardashian Tries to 'Break the Internet' With Butt Shot

Kim Kardashian’s latest publicity, bearing her butt in a magazine layout with the caption, ‘Break the Internet,’ is stirring things up. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Talk about turning the other cheek! Kim Kardashian bares her rear end in a magazine - and the world goes wild!

Whoopi Goldberg said on The View, “There's no escaping this particular hot topic this morning.”

"Bottoms up!" said the headline in the Daily Mail.

The New York Post is playing it for laughs writing, "We tried to ignore this...Butt!"

In the shocking photo from Paper Magazine, Kim is playfully lowering her evening gown to reveal her most famous asset. All she's wearing are a pair of opera gloves, pearl string chokers, and a smile.

There's an alternate cover that is tamer. Kim is balancing a glass of champagne on her bum!

Kim tweeted, "And they say I didn't have a talent. Try balancing a champagne glass on your (blank). Lol."

The pose was a recreation of a famous 1976 photo by French photographer, who also shot the new photos of Kim during Paris Fashion Week in September.

The caption on the photo reads "Break the Internet," and that's just what's happening. Social media is going bonkers.

One tweet said, "Just disgusting!"

Another read, "Kim have you no shame!"

Glee star Naya Rivera scolded Kim with the comment: "You're someone's mother."

Singer Lorde apparently shared that sentiment, tweeting just one word: "Mom."

Parodies of Kim are popping up everywhere. One has her as a centaur.

Another tweet said: "Here is a potato that looks like Kim Kardashian," with a picture of a potato.

Yet another poked fun at Kim's oiled-up look saying: "Kim Kardashian or glazed donut??"

One tweet suggested the photo of Kim was Photoshopped: "Kim Kardashian literally looks like a plastic and unrealistic Barbie doll. Look at her waist in comparison to her body."

And leave it to Chelsea Handler to respond with a butt-baring pose of her own with the snarky comment: “Which one's real?”

Kim told Paper magazine: "I love sharing my world with people. That's just who I am."

No ifs, ands....Or butts!