Raiders Of The Lost Ring Recover Engagement Gem 15 Years Later

A lost engagement ring is found 15 years later, right inside the couple’s home. INSIDE EDITION has their proposal, Take Two.

It is the marriage proposal that knocked a woman off her feet! The moment was captured on cell phone video. But why did she collapse? After all they've already been married for 38 years!

She's stunned because her husband is proposing all over again with the engagement ring she lost 15 years ago!

Kay and Dave Butler were high school sweethearts when they got married back in 1976. She says her diamond engagement ring was the most precious thing she owned, so, she always kept it in a safe place.

Kay's daughter, Lacey was just eight years old when her mom lost her ring in 1999.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “Mom has a tendency to put things in a safe place but the safe place is never the same spot."

Kay said, "I tore the house apart. I had my girlfriends come over to look, and we looked everywhere."

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Kay was devastated and for 15 years, never stopped looking for the ring. Then, a few days ago, Dave was looking for some old DVD's.

He said, “I moved a few things out of the way and there was the little box.”

Inside a heart shaped box was Kay's ring!

Lacey said, "Immediately I knew exactly what it was. I was dumbfounded.”

For 15 years, the ring had been right there on the shelf behind some DVD's.

Lacey said, "I looked at him and I said, 'Dad, you got to do this right.' He was like, 'I know, come up with something good.' I was like, 'You just got to propose again.'"

With Lacey recording on her iPhone, Dave got down on one knee while Kay was fussing about in the pantry. Then, out came the long lost ring and for the second time in his life, Dave swept his sweetheart right off her feet.