Author Chronicles Signs from the Afterlife of 9-11 Family Members

After losing her husband in the 9-11 attacks, Bonnie McEneaney says she got a sign from her husband from beyond, and has now written a book chronicling stories of those lost loved ones in the attacks.  INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Bonnie McEneaney lost her husband, Eamon, in the world trade center on 9/11.  He's gone almost nine years now but his chilling premonition just days before his death still haunts her.

McEneaney said, "On September 2nd of 2001, we were at a Labor Day function with a number of members of our family and my husband began a conversation about terrorists hitting the towers."

Forty-eight hours after the towers fell, Eamon was still missing.  That's when McEneaney says she got a sign from her husband from beyond.

"I was just really frustrated so I went out in my yard, and I live in a country setting, and I just yelled out 'Eamon, please tell us where you are!'  I saw the wind come down and swirl and twirl around the trees and I really felt like it was an answer to my question," said McEneaney.

Bonnie says she's no longer a skeptic about there being an afterlife.  In fact, she's spoken with more than 200 members of the 9/11 community who have lost loved ones, and chronicled their touching stories in her new book,  Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions From Loved Ones Lost on 9/11.

"When you love someone, even when they pass on, the relationship continues," said McEneaney.

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