On the Scene as Window Washers Dangle From World Trade Center, 68 Floors Up!

INSIDE EDITION reports from the scene where two window washers were dangling 68 floors up in a scaffold that malfunctioned.

Two men held on for dear life on a window washing rig at the nation's tallest building, One World Trade Center. The skyscraper opened just nine days ago.

The drama unfolded on live TV.

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After dangling for 90 minutes, firefighters broke out a window on the 69th floor. Two window washers  trapped on board stepped carefully through the window.

Window washing is among the most dangerous jobs in America.

During an incident in Denver, a rig crashed back and forth, smashing dozens of windows.

INSIDE EDITION recently got a view from the 63rd floor at One World Trade Center, seeing firsthand how frightening it would be to be dangling from that height.

Window washers at the World Trade Center can turn into legendary personalities. You may recall Roko Camaj. He had washed windows for 23 years. Tragically, he was killed on 9/11.

Now, the new World Trade Center is in place and like any other skycraper, the windows must be washed, even if it is dangerous.