What's Happened to Richard Simmons? Mystery Over Disappearance From Public View

It’s been nearly a year since Richard Simmons has been seen in public, leaving many fans wondering what has happened. INSIDE EDITION reports.

What's going on with Richard Simmons? He hasn't been seen in public in ten months, the last time being in a paparazzi video that was shot on January 11th. Now, his absence is raising concern for the legendary fitness guru.

Richard Simmons, 66, reportedly hasn't shown up at Slimmons, his famous studio in Beverly Hills, for months.

Now, looking at his Facebook page, on the surface it seems active. Just yesterday a photo was posted, showing Simmons with singer Gwen Stefani. But INSIDE EDITION has learned it was actually taken on April 28th, 2013, over 18 months ago at a charity event in Los Angeles.

Same deal with a photo with actress Kristen Wiig. It was posted just last week. But INSIDE EDITION has discovered it was taken on June 21st, 2013.

So where is Richard Simmons?

He is reportedly living in seclusion, refusing to step out in public at his home in West Hollywood. Simmons reportedly doesn't even accept calls from friends. According to one report, Simmons is living in a state of, "Debilitating depression," mainly due to an injured knee.

Doctors reportedly warned him he may never be able to exercise again unless he gets knee replacement surgery. Simmons is said to be deathly afraid of going under the knife.

Simmons' housekeeper had this to say, "He's fine, perfectly fine."

His camp has no comment about his disappearance from the public eye.