Kim Kardashian Does It Again - Showing Full Frontal

If you thought Kim Kardashian’s butt shot in Paper magazine was enough, now she’s going full frontal. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Kim Kardashian is baring even more today. She actually posed full-frontal in that controversial magazine layout.

Just 24 hours after the shot of her plus-sized rear-end had people gasping, the fashion magazine Paper released the new photo. Kardashian bares all, and we mean all, as her sequined cocktail dress hangs limply from her hands.

And in another just-released photo she offered a side-view shot of her famous derriere.

The late night hosts got big laughs out of the photos.

Jimmy Fallon joked, “Welcome to The Tonight Show. Take a seat. Or if you're Kim Karsashian, four or five.”

Jimmy Kimmel joked, "It said 'Break the Internet.' She may not have broken the internet, but she definitely put a crack in it."

CNN's Jeanne Moos drew comparisons to the space probe that just landed on a comet, saying, "The Agency will attempt to touchdown on the tail of Kim Kardashian."

For the reality TV star who'll do anything for attention, she's definitely outdone herself this time!