Lindsay Checks Into Rehab

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly entered a rehab facility, just days before she is expected to begin her prison sentence. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop on this surprising twist.  

Lindsay Lohan entered rehab!

She was spotted checking into a rehab facility in Los Angeles that was founded by lawyer Robert Shapiro of O.J. Simpson fame. Shapiro founded Pickford Lofts, which promotes "a sober environment", after his son Brent died of a drug overdose in 2005.
The troubled actress was seen trying to get in through the front door. When that didn't work, she made her way to a side entrance. Her sister Ali, shielding her face with her handbag, rushed in right after her.  

Lindsay's pals unloaded an SUV jam-packed with art supplies. Apparently, art therapy will be part of Lindsay's recovery. They also carried in a bunch of pillows.

Meanwhile, People magazine found the tortured star toting a self-help book, Toxic Friends: The Antidote for Women Stuck in Complicated Friendships. INSIDE EDITION spoke with the author, Susan Shapiro Barash.

Barash said, "Lindsay Lohan needs to read this book, take it to heart, start paying attention to those friends who have really been toxic for her, who have actually made life more difficult.  If you're with a friend who's jealous or undermines you, a friend who's an energy vampire, a friend who really uses you, why are you still there?"