Bank Robber's Ingenious Disguise

INSIDE EDITION has the story of how a bank robber fooled the FBI by using incredibly life-like masks.

You may not recognize the man in the photo below, but you see him just about every day on INSIDE EDITION. Who is he?

First, let us tell you about a bank robbery in Philadelphia that was committed by someone who looked a lot like the man in the above photo. In fact, exactly like him!

The bank robber was caught on camera, gun in hand! The FBI put him on their "wanted" list, describing him as a white male in his fifties or sixties. Unfortunately, they were way off the mark.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent pulled off a mask that the robbers used and said, "The police were actually looking for someone who looks a lot more like me!"

That's right, the crook was wearing a remarkable life-like mask, just like the one Trent was wearing!

Ian Marier is proud of the silicone rubber masks he creates at a company in Quebec, Canada. They're big in show business and sell for up to $1,800 apiece. The particular model the robber used is called "The neighbor.”

Watch INSIDE EDITION's Interview with Marier

Marier told Trent, "Our product has been used for something we don't want it to be used!"

It’s so distinctive. One of Marier’s customers recognized it on the FBI website. The mask-maker was stunned to learn his product had been used in a bank robbery. He contacted the FBI, and before you could say "unmasked!" they identified the suspect as 35-year-old Dion Jordan. So, how'd they track him down? He bought the mask online.
"He ordered it in his own name, with his own Pay-Pal account, and his own address," said Marier.

Now, a suspect has been charged in the bank robbery and a string of other crimes using a mask called "neighbor" in a most "un-neighborly" way!