Secret Life Of Toddlers - What Little Angels Do When No One's Watching

When parents tuck their kids in bed for a nap, they think the little ones are getting sleep. INSIDE EDITION discovered what really happens when mom and dad are not looking.

It's a side of your little one you've never seen. It is what happens when they think mom and dad are not looking.

Liam McCaskui just turned three. He's a rambunctious little boy who really, really does not like naptime!

INSIDE EDITION set up hidden cameras to see what happens when Liam is alone in his bedroom.

His mom told INSIDE EDITION, “I expect to see one of two things. Either he goes to sleep and nothing funny happens or he goes absolutely wild.”

She sure called it right! After she left, Liam flipped out. He threw blankets, pillows, and toys out of his crib. Then, there was the great escape out of the crib. Did he make it? But no, up he went again and faceplanted into the mattress.

Instead of sleeping or trying to escape again, he used his mattress as a trampoline.

Mom was stunned! She said, “No! I didn't even know he does that! Oh my gosh! Don't even think about it mister!”

There’s another preschooler who hates naptime. Three-year-old Paisley Stanley loves to paint on anything!

When it’s time for Paisley to take a nap, it is what mom hopes will happen. But there's no sleeping for this princess. It was time to paint on her wall and pretty face and when she's done painting, it was time for a dance party!

Forty minutes later when mom came back, she gets quite a shock!

“Why did you paint on the wall? Paisley!,” her mom said. "Why would you paint your rug? Why did you put paint on the rug!?"

Busted! The secret lives of these cute kids are secret no more.