Wife Accused of Shooting Her Husband

A wife was accused of shooting her husband for the insurance money.  At first she said she didn't shoot him, but in court, her defense is that she shot him accidentally.  INSIDE EDITION has more on a tale of twisted love and lies.

She's the wife on trial for attempted murder in a case that sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie.  It started when Kimberly Boone's husband, Robert, was found sprawled inside their house outside Orlando and she made this 911 call:

Caller: "Somebody just broke in my house and my husband was shot."

911: "Your husband was shot?"

Caller: "Yes, he's laying here."

But wait.  Her wounded husband then mumbled something shocking to the 911 operator:

"I thought it was her.  I thought she shot me," he said in the background.

Now, he's taking to the stand to testify.

Husband: "I recall asking my wife if she shot me."

Prosecutor: "What do you recall she responded?"

Husband: "She responded, 'Sweetheart or honey, I didn't shoot you.'"

Kimberly can be heard on the 911 call:

Caller: "Rob, I did not shoot you, sweetheart.  I was in with the boys."

But police say Kimberly Boone lured her husband into their darkened garage at 5:30 in the morning, saying she heard a burglar.

Prosecutor: "Right after you attempted to turn the light switch on what do you recall?"

Husband: "Gun flash."

Prosecutor: "Can you tell where you were struck?"

Husband: "Center of my chest."

He staggered back into their bedroom, leaving his blood fingerprints on the crime scene.

Husband: "At that point, I asked her to call 911."

Prosecutor: "Did she do it at that point?"

Husband: "I had to ask her 2 or 3 times to do it."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke to Kimberly in jail last year.

Trent asked, "Did you try to kill your husband?"

"No, I've never ever hurt my husband physically never, never would," Kimberly responded.

But in court, Kimberly's defense is that she shot him accidentally.  Prosecutors don't believe her story, and say she allegedly set fire to their house, with her husband inside, just three months before the shooting.

A local reporter said, "There were two life insurance polices on him totaling $100,000 each, and the state believes she wanted to kill her husband to collect that money."