Rudest Fan Ever? Saints Fan Snatches Football Meant For Female Bengals Fan

Cincinnati Bengals fan Christa Barrett tells INSIDE EDITION what went down when a football tossed to her in the stands was grabbed by a New Orleans Saints fan.

It's official, chivalry really is dead!

Good Morning America called it, "An extreme case of rude!"

It happened during the big game Sunday when a Cincinnati Bengals player scored a touchdown and tossed the game ball to a woman in the stands. But, a determined New Orleans Saints fan made the interception.

You could see the player, Jermaine Gresham, point up to the injustice in the stands.

As the crowd booed, the woman begged for the return of her ball. Uh-uh, the guy said not a chance. No way. Now he's being called the "Worst Fan of the Week," and earning headlines like, "Saints fan is no saint."

Christa Barrett is still so fired up she pulled over on the way to work to tell INSIDE EDITION what happened.

Barrett told INSIDE EDITION, “I just wasn't expecting it, because I really thought I had the ball. So, just more suprise and shock, and a little bit upset, and a little broken-hearted. In the heat of the moment he was fighting for it just as much as I was and he won out and thats fine. ”

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The New Orleans Saints made it up to Barrett by giving her another ball.

As for the Saints fan, he says he wanted the ball for his grandson, saying, "I didn't mean to hit that young lady. I was just reaching for the football."