Hidden Cameras Capture Secret Life of Dogs

INSIDE EDITION’s hidden cameras reveal the secret life of dogs when you’re not home, and a lot of it isn’t pretty.

You might be surprised to find out what your dogs are up to when you leave them home alone.

INSIDE EDITION set up hidden cameras to find out what happens. You might call this story, "The Secret Life of Dogs."

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Jaye and Luis live in Secaucus, New Jersey. They have four fluffy white dogs.

Jaye told INSIDE EDITION, "They like to party."

We caught what happened when their pack of pooches was left to their own devices. There was lots of barking, tearing at things, and general fooling around.

Another pup was really smart. He wanted to get chicken nuggets out of the toaster oven but couldn't reach it. So, he moved a chair closer and was able to jump to the counter and use his paw to open the oven. Brilliant.

And one dog had been told not to jump on the counter, but as soon as his master walked out of the room, he started jumping and didn't give up until a piece of bread was in his mouth.

When Katie Hamm of Rochester, New York, took her three dogs for a walk, she let INSIDE EDITION set up video cameras throughout her home. She was stunned to find out what lovable Lilly was up to.

Lilly sniffed around a pile of laundry, and then she started peeing in the pile.

While watching the video, Katie said, "She's peeing! Lilly!"

She told INSIDE EDITION, "It's pretty embarrassing. Pretty gross."

Samantha Burns' boxer has a bad habit and he was caught in the act, burying bones in the couch.

Samantha was not happy when she saw the video and said to her boxer, "You got to stop burying the bones in the couch!"
In another case, one doggy did the damage while the other just chilled out on the carpet.

Pet expert Andrea Arden told INSIDE EDITION, "I think in a lot of cases, dogs will act out or engage in behaviors that we don't like when we leave. The dog was probably punished for those behaviors when the owner was there, so that very smart dog learns, you know what, I'm gonna wait until you leave to engage in that fun behavior."

INSIDE EDITION went back to Jay and Lewis' house to show them a tape of the their rambunctious brood.

Luis said, "Even if we just walk outside for one minute, they want to destroy whatever they can."

Jaye said, "Two minutes is all it takes."