Frozen! Even Hawaii Dips Below Freezing in Polar Blast

It’s not even winter yet and much of the nation is in a deep freeze with some areas buried in snow. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Citizens across America are capturing extraordinary scenes of a winter snowstorm in autumn.

Watch the Incredible Footage!

One guy from Buffalo, New York, got his winter gear out of the closet, and he sure needed it. He recorded video while he tried to walk through snow that was up to his waist.

In the video, he said, "It's extremely hard to walk through this. Ridiculous."

And after finding his car buried in the snow, he said, "That's my car! The top of my car!"

Some residents of the city can't even get out of their front door.

One person said in a video, "We got about 32 inches in less than 12 hours."

In another video, someone said, "Those giant marshmallows are our cars," pointing out the cars deeply buried under the snow.

One pup found a playland of snow. She was shown in a video jumping into the snow to be buried and climbing her way out.

There was even an extraordinary solid wall of snow moving in off Lake Erie that was captured in photos.

Winter is still 33 days away, but if this is any sign of what's to come, it's going to be a doozie.