Burglar Picks The Wrong House, Gets Beat Down From Paratrooper

One alleged burglar got the surprise of his life when he approached the home of a former paratrooper. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A knucklehead sure got more than he bargained for when he allegedly tried to break into a house  in Seattle.

Surveillance video showed him approaching the front door and something definitely seemed suspicious. 

What the alleged burglar didn't know is that homeowner Andrew Myers is a former paratrooper.

INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian spoke to Myers and asked, “Tell me about that moment when you noticed that guy creeping around your house.”

Myers explained, “He said, ‘I live here’ and I said, ‘Dude, you don't live here’ and he said, ‘Yes, I do’ and I said, ‘I live here.' I said, ‘Do you want to try again? I said, ‘Look man, you don't have to explain yourself to me. The police are on the way and you can talk to them,’ and he bolts like a receiver,” said Myers.  

What happens next was a real beat down.  

Watch the Beat Down

“I didn't intend to beat him up. I figured once I got on top of him he would choose less punches over more,” said Myers.

Andrew's girlfriend, Megan, was home at the time. She said, “He's definitely my hero. He's tough and can handle himself and protect me.”

When cops arrived, the suspected burglar was taken into custody. Finally, this homeowner can breathe easy. And he gestures to the surveillance camera as if to say, can you believe what just happened?

Fabian said, “There was moment there at the end of the video you look right at the camera and you go like, ‘Can you believe that?’”

Myers replied, “It was a scary situation for sure. I was shocked!”

So was the suspect!

The suspect is in custody. Charges may be filed against him during a hearing set for Wednesday.