Snow Dunk! Basketball Team Stranded on Bus for 26 Hours

A women’s basketball team was stranded on a bus in the epic snowstorm in Buffalo, New York for 26 hours. INSIDE EDITION reports. 

Talk about making the best of a terrible situation. It's the women's basketball team from Niagara University outside Buffalo, New York.

The coeds were heading home from a game in Pittsburgh, when they got stranded in the epic snowstorm.

INSIDE EDITION spoke to the coach and team members via Skype.

The coach told INSIDE EDITION, "At 1 a.m we started to get the heavy snow, and then at 2 o'clock we came to a complete standstill."

The coach's young children were also on board, and guess which movie kept the kids occupied? Frozen!

The players tried to sleep where ever they could. They even invented a song to help raise their spirits.

All they had to eat were a few granola bars and pretzels. When they ran out of water, they filled their bottles with snow.

Strangers risked their lives in the deep snow to bring them supplies.

One player wrote on Twitter: "Thank you God!!! Random citizens came to bring us snacks!"

They were finally rescued at 4 a.m. Wednesday, after 26 hours on the bus.

INSIDE EDITION's Steve Fabian caught up with the team today as they were safely back on campus.

"How did it feel to finally get your freedom back after all that time on the bus," asked Fabian.

One player responded, "I think being able to even feel movement was the best feeling ever. Just sitting in that one spot for 30 hours and finally being able to be in a car and see things pass you was the greatest feeling ever."

Watch INSIDE EDITION's Interview with the Team!

More than six feet of snow has fallen on parts of Western New York already, and more is on the way.

A time lapse video shows a wall of snow, ten miles wide, closing in on Buffalo from Lake Erie.

The storm trapped thousands in their homes. One picture shows a wall of snow blocking a doorway seven feet high!

A breathtaking video of the snow covered landscape was even taken with a drone.

And a video shows kids playing a new game called, "Find daddy's car."

In the video, the little girl asks, "Where is it?"

Her father responds, "It's there, your hand is on it."