"Drunk Girl" Apologizes For Viral Video

The actress from the so-called viral ‘Drunk Girl’ video is speaking out to INSIDE EDITION, saying she was duped into thinking it would be a comedy. Now, she’s apologizing for the whole thing.

Jennifer Box is the pretty young woman who pretended to be drunk as guys try to take advantage of her in that now infamous video.

The guys on the street all said they were duped into taking part and they were furious at being portrayed as creeps.

Watch Box's Interview with INSIDE EDITION

One of the guys in the video told INSIDE EDITION, “They asked me to be in a video and pretend like I was trying to pick up a drunk girl. I wouldn't have agreed to it if I knew they were going to make me look like a sexual predator.”

Everyone assumed the so-called drunk girl was in on the hoax. Now, Box is coming forward to say, she was tricked, too. She spoke to INSIDE EDITION in Los Angeles.

She explained, “It was supposed to come out as a comedy, and it turned these men into something horrible. Something they were never supposed to look like. I feel like people blamed me, I was simply a random actress who was hired that day.”

The video got millions views before being taken down. Box says she regrets ever having participated.

“Now, everywhere I go I hear ‘Drunk girl, drunk girl!,” she said.

The video was made by a student from Berkeley who wanted to create a viral video just like that now famous video showing a woman getting catcalled in New York City.

The problem is, that video revealed real street interactions. But the so-called "Drunk girl" video was an elaborate hoax. That hurt the reputations of all the people who say they were tricked into it.

Box concluded, “I never meant for these men to be portrayed like that. They were all such nice guys."