Female One-Armed Weightlifter Deadlifts Over 200 Pounds

After having her arm amputated, weightlifter Krystal Cantu is living proof that anything is possible, continuing to break personal records with just one hand. INSIDE EDITION has her remarkable story.

Krystal Cantu is a young woman that proves anything is possible. Even with one arm, Cantu can deadlift more than 200 pounds! But last year, many thought her weightlifting days were over.

Her right arm was crushed after a terrible car accident. Her doctor told her there was no choice but to amputate.

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Cantu told INSIDE EDITION, “When he told me it had to come off, I was already in survivor mode, so save my life and I’m fine. As long as I’m alive you can take my arm.”  

She was born a righty and had to learn to do everything with just her left hand. Now, she drives, makes breakfast, applies makeup, and even makes a ponytail, all with just her left hand. And she is back in the gym lifting those weights.

“Just the will within me was a lot stronger. So, with the right mindset I came out a lot stronger, a lot more efficient,” Cantu said.  

She can now deadlift 205 pounds, 35 pounds more than she could do with two arms.  

At Crazy Train Crossfit in West Palm Beach, Florida, the 25-year-old achieved some personal records.

An emotional Cantu said as her coaches applauded her, “I could barely clean 95 pounds, and then to do 130, that's a big thing.”