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Sexiest Man Alive Goes Up Against 'Geeky To Gorgeous'

Jimmy Kimmel had fun announcing who People magazine picked for this year's "Sexiest Man Alive." INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Jimmy Kimmel had a little fun revealing the identity of People magazine's new “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Kimmel told the crowd, “We're going to go to Skype to the Sexiest Man Alive and there he is now.”

The funny man had his audience guess who was behind a mask when he Skyped with the Sexiest Man Alive. One woman asked, “Are you Chris Hemsworth?”

The man pulled off the mask and it indeed was Hemsworth.  

It was an easy choice, according to People magazine's Zoe Rudermen. She told INSIDE EDITION, "Chris Hemsworth is the Sexiest Man Alive and he has just had a huge year. He was in Thor, he was in Rush, everyone loved him in that. He has three big movies coming out next year and he just a great, lovable, family guy."

Inside the magazine are profiles of a bunch of other hunky guys like TV personality Michael Strahan flexing his biceps and actors Chris Pratt and Idris Elba.  

There is also one revealing featured called, “From Geeky To Gorgeous.” It featured young, goofy photos of famous men like Drake, Ryan Seacrest, and Joe Manganiello, who is now dating Sophia Vergara. It also showed Jimmy Kimmel’s high school yearbook photo.

"Almost impossible to believe, but I did not have a girlfriend in high school," Kimmel told the magazine. We still think he’s pretty darn cute!