Bristol and Sarah Palin on Teen Pregnancy

Bristol and Sarah Palin made an appearance on Oprah to discuss teen pregnancy. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Sarah Palin returned to Oprah Friday, opening up about daughter Bristol's teenage pregnancy through a live video feed from her kitchen in Wasilla, Alaska.

"She was an athlete, a great student, just kind of a picture of someone who wasn't supposed to get pregnant in high school," Palin said.

Bristol, who became pregnant when she was just 17, was also on the program and proudly showed off photos of her son Tripp.   


"Reality sunk in that yeah I have a kid, this is my life. This is a full time job now," Bristol told Oprah.

Teen pregnancy is a hot button issue these days and is now the subject of a controversial new TV movie.

The Pregnancy Pact, airing January 23rd on Lifetime, is based on a story that became a national scandal: 17 girls at the same high school supposedly made a pact to all get pregnant.

It happened in 2008, in the tiny fishing town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, the town made famous in the movie The Perfect Storm.

The United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the western world.

Some think Hollywood is partly to blame for glamorizing unwed teen mothers like Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin and featuring teen pregnancy in movies like Juno.

"It does not glamorize teen pregnancy," says actress Nancy Travis, who plays the mother of one of the pregnant girls in The Pregnancy Pact. "If you're going to be a teen and get pregnant, there are gong to be consequences to that."

The real girls from Gloucester High deny there was ever a pregnancy pact.